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6 Degrees FX Millie Fuzz MkII

Quick Overview:

Millie Fuzz is a 2-channel Fuzz Face & Big Muff hybrid.
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6 Degrees FX Millie Fuzz MkII

2017 model has enhanced clipping texture. More saturated, fuzzier, and the texture is more balanced across all 6 strings. CRUNCH CHANNEL: This channel has the modified FF fed into buffer and EQ borrowed from BM, offering a familiar classic silicon fuzz (BC108) tone with all the flexibility you need to shape your ideal tone. BURN CHANNEL: This channel stacks an extra BM gain stage on the FF, creating a more saturated, aggressive, long sustaining and edgy fuzz tone.

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Additional Information

Brand 6 Degrees FX
Instrument Guitar
Power Battery, 9V DC Adapter
Current Draw (mA) ?
Pro Only No