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Big Ear NYC More More More

Quick Overview:

Three boosts in one box?! That’s right. For when “More” isn’t enough and “More, More” still isn’t cutting it!
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Big Ear NYC More More More

Use the three channels independently or stacked for up to seven total combinations of boost. But remember, this pedal is far more than just three boost pedals… The MORE MORE MORE can be used as a preamp or as an EQ. It can even cover some dirt and fuzz territory. The first and second channels have both a volume and a tone control. The third channel has just a volume control. Pushing the first two channels into each other and then using the last channel to tame the signal will allow you to access some high-gain tones that you would never find in a traditional “boost” pedal! You can even dial-in a volume drop, for when you want to pull back in the mix, but a volume pedal isn’t precise enough!

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Additional Information

Brand Big Ear NYC
Instrument Guitar
Power Battery, 9V DC Adapter
Current Draw (mA) 100
Pro Only No