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Full Nelson Effects Black Hole True Bypass Feedback Looper

Quick Overview:

The Black Hole Feedback Looper is an incredible machine that provides dual functionality in one pedal.
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Brand Full Nelson Effects
Instrument Guitar
Power 9V DC Adapter
Current Draw (mA) N/A
Pro Only No
Pre-Release N/A

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Full Nelson Effects Black Hole True Bypass Feedback Looper

With the toggle switch in the normal position, you can isolate and bypass certain effects pedals in your chain, which allows you to switch on/off groups of pedals, add a tuner out, or mute your signal altogether. With the toggle in the other position, the Black Hole opens up and things begin to get crazy. What it does is send the output signal back into the input, looping your signal over and over again, producing oscillations, chirping, squealing, squelches, rumbles, growling, hisses, or even nothing. The Black Hole is all about experimentation and results will vary depending on what effects pedals you use in the loop. Some pedals will produce interesting results, while some will produce none at all. try different combinations along with your guitar volume, pick-up selector, and tone knobs and just see what happens. The pedals control knob determines the amount of feedback being sent back into the unit. SOmetimes it may need to be cranked, while other times there may be a sweet spot somewhere in between, or all the way down, that works best for you. If you're into challenging sonic norms and creating wild new soundscapes... the Black Hole is for you!

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