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Pro Tone Cor Mid Range Frequency Booster

Quick Overview:

The Cor Mid Range Boost is a result of modern metal- plain and simple. Today’s tone is rich and complex, full of mids, tasteful treble, and conservative amount of bass- and the Cor Boost fits right in.
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Pro Tone Cor Mid Range Frequency Booster

The Cor Mid Range Boost focuses on the lower-mid frequencies adding depth to your tone, while boosting your overall volume to push your amp to new sonic realms. Gain: Allows you to control the overall gain. Turned down, the volume will be approximately the same as your bypassed level. Heart: Blends your signal with the mid boosted signal allowing you to dial-in the right amount of mid range Features: Built-in low impedance buffer Gain and Mid-range controls Operates on a standard 9-18 volt (negative tip) BOSS style adapter Stomp switch built to withstand years of hard stomping shows Durable aluminum housing Super-Bright LED for easy onstage identification

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Additional Information

Brand Pro Tone
Instrument Guitar
Power Battery
Current Draw (mA) N/A
Pro Only No