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Rockett Chicken Soup Overdrive

Quick Overview:

Simple, yet highly musical and harmonically rich overdrive pedal
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Rockett Chicken Soup Overdrive

Rockett Pedals Chicken Soup Overdrive is a superbly voiced overdrive pedal that will not overwhelm your guitar or amp's tone. It is perfectly suited and aimed for the Nashville crowd of chicken-pickers, tele twangers, and strat-a-holics. On lower gain settings, it gives just enough grit and dirt to cut through the mix and give your tone some rich and sustain and fire. Higher gain settings will surprise you with some thick and sustaining overdrive tones, and some sweet compression. As with other Rockett Pedals, there is absolutely no trebly fizz. There is just warm and well-defined overdrive that allows your single coils to shine through the dirt. But again, don't be afraid to plug your Gretsch or Les Paul. The Rockett Pedals Chicken Soup Overdrive will give those guitars some TLC also.

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Brand Rockett
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