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Henretta Heisenberg

Quick Overview:

It was only a matter of time before PInkman and Mr. White combined their talents to create HEISENBERG.
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Brand Henretta Engineering
Instrument Guitar
Power 9V DC
Current Draw (mA) 10
Pre-Release N/A [?]
Pro Only N/A [?]
Rental Only N/A [?]
PS Included N/A [?]

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Henretta Heisenberg

Mr. White's pure and clean power co-mingles with Pinkman's rougher and dirtier boost. They run in parallel to keep their individual qualities while providing a wide range of experiences. You can dial in as much or as little of each as you need, and you can further tweak the Pinkman's effect with dedicated Drive and Tone controls. This pedal is designed to be a versatile signal boosting and distortion effect that allows you to either blend your clean signal back into a distorted signal or add a touch of distortion alongside your clean sound. This can be particularly useful for rhythm parts where you want to maintain pick attack or lead parts where you want the notes to cut through the mix while having rich harmonic content. The circuit contains two independent effects, the PINKMAN dirty boost and the MR. WHITE clean boost, that are arranged in parallel. That means you can dial in any amount of either, from off to significantly loud, using the two volume controls. The footswitch turns the effect on and off, and the blue LED lights up when the effect is active. The PINKMAN side of HEISENBERB is a mild to medium/high drive circuit that is warm and balanced as it retains the bite of your attack while adding some distortion and compression to the mid frequencies. The output can go far beyond unity gain to really push your amp into further saturation. The Tone, Drive, and Dist Vol controls are dedicated to this portion of the circuit, while the Cln Vol is a separate transparent clean signal that can be added in as needed. The DRIVE control starts with a slightly dirty sound that adds some growl and subtle compression in the mids. As you increase the drive, the sound becomes more compressed and sustained until it loosens up and takes on some classic fuzz characteristics. This control is purposely designed to provide subtle increases in distortion over the first 75% of its travel, letting you really dial in the perfect amount of saturation. Note that when set to 100% drive, there is so much saturation that a little bit of the distorted signal will bleed through when the Dist Vol control is at 0%.

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