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VauxFlores Number 23 Fuzz

Quick Overview:

A gated, octave-up fuzz with a switchable internal feedback loop that produces anything from a slight simmer to full-on atonal alien attack sirens. Very expressive. Very wild. Often at the same time.
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Brand VauxFlores
Instrument Guitar
Power 9V DC
Current Draw (mA) N/A
Pre-Release No [?]
Pro Only No [?]
Rental Only N/A [?]
PS Included N/A [?]

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VauxFlores Number 23 Fuzz

A fuzz-centric buzz-box with just a splash of upper octave cream and heterodyned, atonal artifacts with a sound few compare to. Designed in San José, Costa Rica, each box is hand-built to exacting specifications intended to please critical players and art-jammers alike. Top-mounted jacks and compact enclosure to accommodate even the most-cramped pedalboards. A traditional volume control with an added boost to the top end. Switched feedback control, and artwork derived from my Bioprinting I piece, making it the first effect pedal to feature artwork created by amplified earthworms.

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