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[Rental Only] Montreal Assembly Count to Five

Quick Overview:

It's a delay and looper that pretty much defies description, especially a short one.
4.8 5
Brand Montreal Assembly
Instrument Guitar
Power 9V DC
Current Draw (mA) 150
Pre-Release No [?]
Pro Only No [?]
Rental Only Yes [?]
PS Included N/A [?]

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Montreal Assembly Count to Five

The pedal has three main modes. On rev h/i theses are selected with the "MODE" switch. On rev j/k the same switch is simply labelled "M". In all modes the "MIX" knob functions the same, and simply blends the wet and dry signal of the effect. On rev h/i fully ccw is fully wet. On rev j/k this has been changed to fully cw being fully wet.

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