Chelle Sir Robin Overdrive

Sir Robin Overdrive is a Blues Breaker based overdrive with expanded voicing options and exceptional build quality resulting in very low noise and unparalleled reliability.
Sir Robin is the latest overdive in our lineup. It is based on the classic Blues Breaker pedal with a few additions and tweaks. It has more headroom and a much more versatile EQ structure. The tone control is paired with a Presence control that acts a bit like a variable bright switch. The presence at zero is close to what you would expect from other Blues Breaker style pedals. While it is certainly in the bright category the Fat switch adds low mids and gain early in the circuit and changes the character of the pedal into something much fuller. Like all of our pedals, Sir Robin is not a budget drive, but rather a handmade boutique overdrive built by hand to the highest quality standards. I use only the highest quality parts and materials and hand populate and solder all of my effects to ensure that they will stand up against or even outlast all of the major pedal brands available today.
More Information
Manufacturer Chellee
Instrument Guitar
Power 9V DC, 12V DC, 18V DC
Current Draw (mA) 10
Pre-Release N/A
Pro Only N/A
Rental Only No
PS Included No
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