Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Pedal Genie work?
    Members select pedals from our website, receive them by mail and then return them using prepaid mailers, with no due dates, late fees or shipping charges. After a pedal is returned, we ship the next available item in the member's wishlist.
  2. How are pedals delivered?
    We utilize the U.S. Postal Service to send and receive products you have selected. Pedals arrive in 1-3 days. Please contact us if you do not receive your pedal on the expected delivery date.
  3. Where does Pedal Genie deliver?
    At this time, Pedal Genie ships to addresses in the US only. We plan to add other regions in the future.
  4. What's in the box?!
    Your shipment will include your pedal and return packaging. We do not ship any product literature, batteries or power supplies with your pedal (except in cases where the pedal has unique power supply requirements). Accessories like batteries or power supplies can be purchased and will ship for free with the next pedal shipment.
  5. How are pedals returned?
    Your pedal will ship with a return label and packaging. Please email if you've lost your label and we can email a replacement. Also know that you can schedule a free pickup from your postal carrier if the package doesn't fit in your mailbox. If you do not have access to a printer (ask a friend? print at work?) you can order a complete return shipment package.
  6. I lost my return envelope. How can I get another one?
    You can pick one up at your local post office. It's called a Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelope. You can also order them online via for free. If all else fails, we can send you can order a return shipment package.
  7. How many pedals can I have at one time?
    Our standard membership includes the rental of one pedal at a time. Multiple pedal subscriptions are also available.
  8. How much does Pedal Genie cost?
    After any trial period, Pedal Genie is $47.00 per month for a one pedal at a time subscription. Additional subscriptions are available with more pedals at a time.
  9. When do I get my first pedal?
    In most cases, your first pedal will ship the next business day after your join. Make sure your wishlist has at least ten pedals and you'll be good to go.
  10. Can I buy a pedal I get from Pedal Genie?
    Yes! Just contact us when you ready to buy and we'll give you a member-discounted Keep-It price based on your subscription and how long you've had the pedal. Please note that some pedals may not be available for sale due to exclusivity arrangements, rarity or low inventory levels. For most pedals, we'll ship you the original box/materials with your next pedal rental. If we don't have the original box, we'll let you know when you request a price.
  11. Can I rent-to-own?
    Sort of? While the Keep-It price for your pedal will drop each month you hold on to it, your best bet is to buy it within the first two or three months of renting. Not all of your subscription fees will apply to the price of the pedal, so it's not really financially prudent to rent-to-own in that fashion.
  12. Can I buy a used pedal direct from Pedal Genie?
    Yes! Pedals that are available for purchase will appear with a Used Price and a blue Add to Cart button. Used pedals ship free in their original box and with any included materials (except for some pedals that were not acquired new. If that's important to you, just ask us before purchasing). If you're a subscriber looking to buy a pedal that you currently have out on rental, please contact support to get your member-discounted price.
  13. Do I need to have a subscription to buy a used pedal?
    A subscription is not required to purchase a used pedal.
  14. If I buy a used pedal, will I be charged for a subscription?
    No, buying a used pedal is just buying a used pedal. It doesn't obligate you to anything else.
  15. Does Pedal Genie test the pedal before shipping it to me?
    Yes, we inspect and play-test all returned pedals before shipping them out to the next member. Some are more fun than others. We turn every knob and plug into every jack.
  16. My pedal doesn't work, what do I do?
    If you have questions about a pedal, please contact support and we will do our best to help you. Most of the problems we see are related to powering the pedal incorrectly. But if your pedal is defective, just send it back and if it tests bad, we will credit your account for the time lost while it was in your possession.
  17. What is the wishlist?
    Items that you select to rent are placed into your Wishlist. You may add items or adjust the Wishlist at anytime. Click the "My Wishlist" link to review requested items. We determine which items to send you based on the availability of the items in your wishlist. We make every effort to ship to you the items prioritized in your wishlist, but due to our constantly-changing inventory we can only ship what is available at the time of shipment. As items are shipped to you, they will be be removed from the wishlist (and will then appear in your orders).
  18. How many pedals can I put in my wishlist?
    As many as you want, but we ask that you have at least ten pedals in your wishlist at all times for our standard subscription. For the 3-Pedal Pro subscription, you should have a minimum of fifteen pedals. Please do not add "filler" pedals to your wishlist just to reach the minimum as fate is a cruel and harsh mistress. Chances are very good you will get shipped exactly the pedal you wanted least.
  19. What if I only want to try one pedal?
    To be honest, Pedal Genie probably won't be the best idea for you. We've designed our service to make trying out many many pedals as easy as possible. The whole thing falls a little flat with just one. That said, if the pedal you want to try is in stock, a Flex subscription just might be the thing you need...
  20. How fast will my next pedal ship?
    In most cases, your next pedal will ship the next business after receipt of the previous pedal. Pedal Genie ships Monday through Friday, national holidays excepted. Should your returned pedal arrive on a Friday, your next pedal will not ship until Monday. Things that can delay the shipment of your next pedal include expired/invalid billing information or an inadequate wishlist.
  21. Why is my package coming Signature Required?
    Shipments may be sent Signature Required when the value of the pedal is over $400, previous shipments to your address have failed, or at the discretion of our shipping genies. We understand that this requirement may cause inconvenience to some so we choose to apply it only when necessary. For instances when you know that a signature will not be available on the day of delivery, you can request that your post office hold the package at their facility - and when timed correctly, you can usually pickup the package on the same day it would have normally been delivered.
  22. How do I sort my wishlist?
    Your wishlist items are sorted by the date they were added. To indicate a preference or to assign priority, please use the comment field next to each wishlist item. We suggest using high/medium/low. A Pedal Human will look at your wishlist before shipping and do his or her darnedest to accommodate any preferences that have been indicated, subject to availability.
  23. What does "Pro Only" mean next to a pedal's description?
    Pedals indicated as Pro Only are only available to ship with Pedal Genie Pro subscriptions. These pedals are physically too large to ship with regular subscriptions. For Flex and Standard subscribers, if you want a specific Pro-Only pedal, we can send it to you for an additional charge of $19 - just leave a comment on that item in your wishlist to let us know.
  24. What does "Pre-Release" mean next to a pedal's description?
    Pedals indicated as Pre-Release are not yet available for shipping. Pre-Release pedals do not apply to your wishlist count, but do hold you a "place in line" for that pedal. Pedals announced by a manufacturer or newly added to our inventory, but not yet available, are listed as Pre-Release so that we can assess anticipated demand.
  25. What does "Rental Only" mean next to a pedal's description?
    Pedals indicated as Rental Only are not available for sale. They're either super rare, in high demand, or we may just not be able to get any more. But it means you can't buy it, so don't get too attached.
  26. What does "PS Included" mean next to a pedal's description?
    Pedals indicated as PS Included are those that will ship with the required power supply when rented. This is for those pedals with fairly odd power requirements. We know that not everyone has a 24V 2000 mA power supply kicking around in their toolbox.
  27. How do you choose what to ship?
    We send you something that you want that we currently have. In more specific terms, we reserve the right to process orders and otherwise allocate and ship items among our members in any manner that we, in our sole and absolute discretion, determine. As a result of the operational practices described in this section, we may not always send you the top choices from your wishlist or ship out your next item on the same day that we receive one from you. Our goal is to ship you the items listed highest in your wishlist or otherwise indicated a priority by wishlist comments. Your next available item will not ship until at least one business day following our receipt of your returned item. Adjustments made to your wishlist may not immediately impact your next shipment. In certain instances you may have adjusted your wishlist before you have received a shipment message when in fact a shipment was already processed. The adjustments will, however, impact subsequent shipments.
  28. How does Pedal Genie Pro work?
    The Pedal Genie Pro 3-pedal subscription works like our regular single-pedal subscription but with a few important differences. As a Pedal Genie Pro member, you'll have access to your own personal genie to coordinate which pedals you receive in each shipment. Due to the substantial investment in each Pedal Genie Pro shipment, an additional deposit (via credit card) is required.
  29. Can I give a Pedal Genie subscription as a gift?
    Yes! Gift subscriptions are available. Please visit our Gift Subscriptions to see our available selections. Please note that your recipient must put a credit card on file for the duration of the subscription. This card will not be charged any subscription fees (until and unless they continue after the gift duration), but will be checked for validity before each pedal shipment.
  30. I received a Pedal Genie subscription as a gift, how do I get started?
    Make an account and put at least ten pedals on your wishlist, then contact us to active your subscription! Please note that you will need to have a valid credit card available to put on file for the duration of your subscription. This card will not be charged any subscription fees (until and unless you continue your subscription), but will be checked for validity before each pedal shipment.
  31. Can I request pedals to be added to Pedal Genie?
    Yes! Please do. Use the Contact Us form to let us know what you're looking for. Please be as specific as possible, including brand and model number.
  32. Does Pedal Genie have a referral program?
    Yes! Get account credit for your friends that sign up on your behalf. For all the details, check out the Refer-A-Friend page.
  33. How can I update my billing information?
    You can update your credit online by logging in to your Pedal Genie account then click Manage My Cards, Add New Card. Your credit card information is securely stored only on our payment processor's website. If you would like to call us, our office number is 978-496-9474 and we are available weekdays from 10am to 6pm EST.
  34. Can I have multiple accounts?
    Yes, with a few restrictions. Each subscription must be billed with a different credit card and only one subscription per household is valid for any trial offers.
  35. Are there due dates or late fees?
    Provided you continue to be a paying member of our service, you may keep the item(s) delivered to you as long as you like. We do not impose any required return dates (other than upon cancellation of the service). Given that we have no required return dates, we do not charge any late fees. You are required to return items prior to any cancellation of the service or be subject to charge for unreturned items. Also, you may be charged for items that you lose. You authorize us to charge your Payment Method for any lost items(s). We will alert you of any potential charges for lost items(s) prior to charging your Payment Method.
  36. Are there any other fees I should know about?
    Yes, there a few housekeeping fees you might run into during the course of your subscription.
    1. Late Payment Penalty - Any payments not received within 7 days of the original billing date will result in a 5% late payment penalty added to your balance. Additional failed payments (not due to invalid or expired card) will incur a $0.50 charge per attempt.
    2. Box Replacement - Shipping boxes that are not returned with your item, or are damaged or reek of smoke, will incur an additional $2.50 box replacement fee added to your balance. The assessment of the condition of the box is solely at our discretion.
    3. Shipment Authorization - For shipments that occur more than 10 days from your most recent successful subscription billing, we will attempt to authorize your current payment method for $0.99. This charge will be voided before settlement and will not appear on your statement.
    4. Re-shipments - If we are required to re-ship an item to you due to a change of address and we were not notified of this change prior, we will charge your account for the additional postage.
  37. How do I cancel my subscription?
    Contact us when you are ready to end your subscription. We will send you a return label for your current pedal. Upon receipt, we can cancel your subscription. It is important to note that your subscription does not end until your last pedal finds its way home and that we do not prorate or refund subscription payments.