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Pedal Genie Flex Subscription

Quick Overview:

Like to spend some quality time testing pedals? Pay less per month with Flex and pay round-trip shipping each time you change pedals.
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Pedal Genie Flex Monthly Payment
Pedal Genie Flex Round-Trip Shipment
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PS Included No [?]

Most pedals do NOT ship with a power supply, only those with unique or non-standard power requirements will include a power supply in the box. See the FAQ for more details.

We do our best to have accurate information about our pedals. If any of this data appears inaccurate, please let us know.


Pedal Genie Flex Subscription

Every hour you wait before joining Pedal Genie is an hour you could have spent sampling an amazing array of pedals from classic effects makers and boutique companies alike.

It's Pedal Genie's mission to connect musicians with the right effects. Not just the ones they want, but the ones they never knew they needed because they didn't have the opportunity to find out.

For one low monthly fee, Pedal Genie offers musicians endless opportunities to evolve their sound, whether that means expanding, refining, making a subtle shift, or switching things up entirely. The bottom line is: we want to make it as easy as humanly possible to shape the sound that works the best for you.

The Pedal Genie Flex subscription differs from our regular subscription in that shipping is NOT included. This allows the monthly rental fee to be much lower, saving you money if you keep your rental for an extended period of time. You pay shipping of $14.00 (covers packaging and shipping both ways) only after you swap out for your next pedal.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to add at least ten pedals to your wishlist before you start your subscription!

NOTE: Some pedals in the Pedal Genie inventory are too large for our regular subscription packaging and are available only with the 3-Pedal Pro Subscription. These pedals will be marked with a "Pro Only" designation (near the other specs on the pedal like Brand and Power Requirements).

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A Pedal Genie Subscription gives you access to our entire inventory of pedals for one low monthly price. Please note that not all our pedals are available at all times. See our FAQ for more about how the wishlist works.

Some pedals, indicated by a [Pro Only] badge, are available only with a Pro Subscription. See FAQ for more details.