Blackout Effectors Sibling Phaser

Little sister to the Whetstone Phaser, the Sibling shares a lot of the same DNA but with a stripped-down-to-the-bones attitude and a more streamlined format.
Blackout Effectors Sibling Phaser Controls: SLOW MODE | This is where you'll find the classic, slow phaser sweeps. In comparison to the Whetstone, Slow mode on the Sibling goes slower than Normal mode on the Whetstone, but not quite as slow as the slowest sweeps in the Whetstone's Pads mode. FAST MODE | This is where you'll find the faster throbs, wobbles and ringmodulator effects. In comparison to the Whetstone, Fast mode on the Sibling is identical in speed range with Ring mode on the Whetstone. RATE | The Rate control is used to sweep through the range of LFO speeds in both modes. DEPTH | The Depth control can be looked at as a dry/wet mixer. At its minimum setting you will find very subtle phasing effects (not completely dry) and at its maximum level the phasing effect will be extremely present (very wet) and basically the opposite of subtle. LEVEL | The Level control is an output volume control, allowing you to perfectly match unity gain with the rest of your pedal chain or dial in just the right amount of signal boost to make your phased tones grab everyone's attention.
More Information
Manufacturer Blackout Effectors
Pre-Release N/A
Power Battery, 9V DC
Pro Only N/A
Instrument Guitar
Rental Only No
Current Draw (mA) No
PS Included No
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