EBS Tremolo Triple Tremolo Controller

The EBS Tremolo is a stereo vintage type tremolo or sweeping filter effect for guitar, bass and keyboard.
Unbeatable. Nothing compares to a true analog effect when it comes to Tremolo pedals. The EBS Tremolo offer full bodied fat sound, in a tiny but sturdy little box that fits nicely on any pedal board, delivering all that great tremolo effects you've always aimed for. Perhaps most known as a guitar effect, the tremolo can add nice character to bass as well. Several choices. Use the controls to set the Depth and Speed of the effect. The sweep character can be set to choice of three different waveforms; sine, square and sawtooth waveforms and offers volume or filter type of effect. Mono or Stereo. The EBS Tremolo pedal operates in mono or true stereo with auto panning of the tremolo effect. The EBS Tremolo use true bypass techniques.
More Information
Manufacturer EBS
Instrument Guitar, Bass
Power 9V DC
Current Draw (mA) N/A
Pre-Release N/A
Pro Only N/A
Rental Only N/A
PS Included N/A
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