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Jext Telez White Pedal V2

Quick Overview:

The White Pedal delivers an emotionally rocking voice-- stripped down, raw, holographic, direct, timeless, deconstructionist.
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Brand Jext Telez
Instrument ?
Power 9V DC
Current Draw (mA) 200
Pre-Release No [?]
Pro Only No [?]
Rental Only No [?]
PS Included No [?]

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Jext Telez White Pedal V2

Based on the fuzz used for guitar parts among other instruments on: USSR, Birthday (the 'underwater piano'), Monkey, Warm Gun, Helter Skelter, Lady Madonna, Bulldog, Hello Goodbye, Flying, Sgt. Peppers, Sympathy for the Devil, Brown Sugar, Honkey Tonk Woman... The Vox Supreme, Defiant, Conqueror and Virtuoso amplifiers came with a fuzz/OD and semi-parked Wah built into the amp. Stones and Lennon/McCartney/Harrison all used it judiciously on many a tune. When you blend a fuzz that shoots out of a mix with a scary directness and add to that a perfectly tweaked, talking wah-tone.. Some quadratic time domain stuff happens. It's simply classic and familiar but complex in it's internal layering. The White Pedal delivers this emotionally rocking voice-- stripped down, raw, holographic, direct, timeless, deconstructionist. We voiced this pedal to sound like the Vox solid state amps Defiant/Supreme/Conqueror/Virtuoso. The Beatles and Stones used this circuit in the studio between 1966 & 1972. A unique fuzz blended with an inductor-- a sort of parked wah. The fuzz is aggresive yet vintage sounding. It shoots out of mixes with ease. We expanded the palette of tones so the pedal cleans up into overdrive and boost better than the original circuit. We made the treble and bass knobs interact with the inductor more. We fine tuned the eq and overall tone and fuzz characteristics. We had custom inductors wound-- crucial as the overall timber of the entire pedal is formed by the quality of the inductor. From vintage clean to mid-rich overdrives and stabbing blues possessed fuzz, there is alot of land to explore with the White Pedal. Leave the gain down and connect other fuzz (or any type!) pedals and the MidRangeBoost (YOKO) will add a halo of mids to them. The Beatles ran a piano through one for the 'underwater piano' sounds on 'Birthday'. Talking midrange leads. Hints of octave up and ring mod can be heard when cranking the gain. Complex fuzzes can be found by tweaking the eq and yoko combinations. Strange honky rhythm tones. Dial the bass knob all the way down for killer phone and A.M. filters. Use on bass guitar, synth, keyboards, electric pianos, everything is great through it. We get a lot of reports of studio use of our pedals including mixbuss, parallel buss, and reprinting tracks through for tonality and dimension. Explore and enjoy!

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