Aural Dream Flute Tone A

Aural Dream Flute Tone A
Flute Tone A Synthesizer This product uses the organ synthesis principle to transform the guitar signal through the tone synthesis algorithm into the flute tone signal.
-5 optional Flute modes,which can be used in conjunction with effect pedal such as reverb and overdrive. -True bypass mode,compact and solid design;Power saving,the current is only 50mA -Freely control the ratio of rotary horn to synthetic sound. -With realistic amplitude modulation control -The percussion control module with synthetic flute timbre is convenient for intensity and decay speed adjustment. Rate: Control the decay rate of percussion Am: Control amplitude modulation when rotary horn is added Balance: Control the ratio of rotary horn to synthetic sound Percussion:Control the strength of percussion TYPE1:Harmonic Flute 4' TYPE2:Flute d'Amour 4' TYPE3:Theater Flute 4' TYPE4:Flute 2' TYPE5:Concert Flute 8' The digital effector needs to be best connected by Amp's FX Loop port.
More Information
Manufacturer Aural Dream
Instrument Guitar
Power 9V DC
Current Draw (mA) N/A
Pre-Release No
Pro Only No
Rental Only No
PS Included No
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