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[Pre-Release] Positive Grid Bias Modulation Twin

Quick Overview:

The same incredible tone of the award-winning BIAS Modulation Pro pedal in a compact 2-button pedal format.
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Brand Positive Grid
Instrument Guitar
Power 9V DC
Current Draw (mA) ?
Pre-Release Yes [?]
Pro Only N/A [?]
Rental Only No [?]
PS Included No [?]

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Positive Grid Bias Modulation Twin

Digital Modulation pedal with 9 factory Modulation presets. Simulates time-based modulations (chorus, vibrato, phaser, flanger and rotary) and amplitude modulations (tremolo, pan , ring mod and auto-swell). Able to mix time-based and amplitude modulation for hybrid effects. 5 control knobs (DEPTH, INTENSITY, TWEAK 1, TWEAK 2 and RATE) and a 3-way toggle switch for LFO waveforms (Sine, Saw and Square). Tap Tempo footswitch. True Bypass and Buffer Bypass. Integrated BIAS Pedal software for pedal design, preset management and hardware customization. Supports firmware upgrade for new features.

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