Source Audio SA224 Stingray Multi-Filter

This amazing pedal has all the power and extreme functionality of the Manta but it’s been specifically voiced for the guitar (or keyboard and any other upper frequency instrument).
Warning: This is going to STING! The Stingray has 12 awesomely dangerous filter effects including low pass, high pass, single peak, multi peak, as well as 2 phaser effects. Each filter can be controlled with a forward or reverse envelope follower (a.k.a. “auto-wah”) or with any of the 4 LFO wave shapes (sine, square, saw tooth, or random sample-and-hold). Also, the LFO speed can be controlled by the Tap Tempo function, if you’re that kind of dude – BIG PLUS. And of course, it’s compatible with the Soundblox Hub, Hot Hand 3 and the Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal. If you really want this pedal to sting your unwary audience, you need to dive into the Stingray’s DRIVE function. Just a turn of the DRIVE knob will add some dirt to your filter effect. The DRIVE knob starts with a completely clean signal then progresses from a warm and subtle overdrive that perfectly accentuates the filter, to full-on octave fuzz which will send your filters into wild, synthy funkadelia. The great thing about the Stingray's DRIVE control is that the envelope follower is triggered by the guitar's clean signal, and then recombined with the distorted signal later in the process. This gives you the opportunity to create the incredibly dramatic effect of a dirt pedal in front of your filter effect in the signal chain while maintaining the control that comes with a clean signal triggering the filter modulation. The Stingray is also waaaay more adjustable than the other one-trick-pony filter boxes out there. It’s got a ton of adjustable parameters including a mix control, resonance, output volume, modulation speed, modulation depth, filter frequency, overdrive level, tone control for the clean and distorted signal, and envelope attack and decay speeds.
More Information
Current Draw (mA) N/A
Pre-Release N/A
Power 9V DC
Pro Only N/A
MIDI Yes (w/Adapter)
Instrument Guitar
Rental Only N/A
PS Included N/A
Manufacturer Source Audio
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