Stomp Audio Labs Amp

The Amp is a respectful treble booster that matches perfectly with tube amps and fuzz pedals.
The Amp is our treble booster. In its heart lies a colossal germanium transistor whom spent decades forgotten in Ukraine just waiting for the time when it would finally be able to do something exciting with its life. When zeroed, it attenuates the signal. At 10, it supplies 20dB of heat, tearing the tone of anything that stands after it. This transistor is pushed to the extreme with a simple and elegant circuit, resulting into a vintage, classic tone (based in the timeless Dallas Rangemaster). It isn’t evil, but it ain’t nice: In addition to increasing the volume, it fills the sound with character, creating a slight distortion, characteristic of this type of transistor. It also accentuates the trebles, bringing a sound full of sparkle and with a lot of presence. It is a simple pedal, but it surely makes a lot of difference. At the end of the pedal chain it is a great volume booster for solos. But the colored tone also goes well with whatever comes after it – like fuzzes and tubes. If you place the Amp in front of a fuzz, it acts as a tone texture control to the other pedal. In front of a tube amp, besides increasing the volume and gain you will hear the valves roar in a completely unusual manner, different from whatever it is that you are used to. From July 2016, the Amp comes with an internal control that lets you dial how much highs you want to boost. It goes from 120 Hz, as a flatter amplification, up to its factory default of 500 Hz, giving that fiercy tone à la Brian May, Tony Iommi, Rory Gallagher and friends… We have fallen in love with the Amp’s germanium transistor (the same used in the Mother of fuzz). They are no longer manufactured. Thirty years ago, the Soviet scientists adopted the silicon material, which is more accurate and cheaper than germanium. How could they have known how much these transistors would be exquisite inside guitar pedals: The unpredictable behavior and undesirable characteristics that made them being discontinued for technological applications, which require fast, accurate and precise results are exactly the characteristics that make the Amp’s tone so interesting.
More Information
Current Draw (mA) N/A
Manufacturer Stomp Audio Labs
Pre-Release N/A
Power 9V DC
Pro Only N/A
Instrument Guitar
Rental Only N/A
PS Included N/A
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